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About You

No two people have the same goals or aspirations, or the means to achieve them.

We all have different personal circumstances and levels of assets.

One thing we do share, is for someone to help us achieve our goals and take our financial worries away.


Who we work with

We work with individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds, across the UK.

Most have assets to be invested, are planning for retirement or seeking to pass their estates to their family. All have a desire to live a more fulfilled and secure lifestyle.

We don’t sell financial products or offer off-the-shelf solutions. Instead, we seek to understand you and your family; then we help you achieve your goals – setting your path in clear terms and supporting you every step of the way.


Understanding you

As your adviser, in order to help you achieve you goals, we may ask you some challenging questions.

These questions, will include, your lifestyle objectives, what motivates you, your financial needs and the financial worries, you have.

Once we have this clear picture, we can help you on your journey, by drawing up a plan focused on achieving those aims.

You will have someone to talk to, bounce ideas off and share your concerns with. We can help provide you with the solutions that you need to enjoy your life moving forward.

To ensure that we can best meet your needs, we also work with other professionals, to ensure you have the best solutions to hand.


“My personal experience is first rate, Neil has helped me simplify my personal financial affairs including restructuring my longer term planning strategy, which will have a significant effect on tax efficiency and costs. As a result, for the last ten years, the Partners at David Howard Chartered Accountants  have been recommending their clients to Milestone for their financial planning requirements”


Simon Bishop, Managing Partner

David Howard Chartered Accountants

"Focused on Preserving & Growing your Savings"